About Me

I grew up in a rural-ish suburb about 35 miles north of Philadelphia, then relocated to the western suburbs for college. Shortly after finishing my undergrad degree at Haverford, I met my spouse. Our home contains a ridiculous number of books, two opinionated cats, and lots of souvenirs from our travels.

About the Blog

This blog runs on hugo hosted running on a Linode deployed by nanobox.

I started this blog out of a desire to both document and share what I am hacking on. Following The 10 Rules of a Zen Programmer, my life involves other things. Those topics are included in the blog for balance. I hope you enjoy and benefit from what you find here.


My current gig is as a software development manager at Linode, a cloud hosting company where I work with smart people all day to create cool new tools for developers.

Prior gigs include being a developer and manager at a consulting firm, serving as a rails dev on a cross-functional team at a medium-sided software company, and being a wayward English major cum technical support liaison at a liberal arts college.

While I was a CS grad student at UPenn, I was particularly interested in theory of computation and functional languages while in school. Some of my best memories, however, are of TAing. I really enjoy helping others learn and grow.

Not Work

When I am not working, I enjoy doing stuff in the local tech scene.

Biking is a hobby of mine. I started biking seriously after wanting to do the Five Boro Bike Tour in 2005. Since then, I have done several Five Boros and some local charity rides. In 2018 I fulfilled a long-time dream and biked around Amsterdam for a week. Plus one, would recommend.

I also enjoy community theater. I occasionally stage-manage at The Stagecrafters. I even directed a staged reading of “Dinner with Friends” in 2010. More often though, I like to support community theater from the audience and take smaller volunteer roles as my schedule permits.


This site is here to help other devs and foster dialog, so please feel free to use my site content for non-commercial purposes. You may occasionally post my content to your site, but you must post it with a link back to devlogged.com.