Version Control

I typically use GitHub for both work and personal projects.

Command Line

I’m a big fan of doing as much as possible from the command line. I enjoy using oh-my-zsh with the eastwood theme for my work projects in Ruby.


I use many editors, but most often I work in Sublime Text because of its nice built-in features, on-going development, and available plugins. I’m becoming more comfortable with VIM and enjoying it.


Yep, I’m a mac user. I primarily use a mac for the BSD that underpins the pretty GUI. But … I also appreciate the pretty GUI.

Organizational & Productivity Tools

  • Evernote — easy to create, search, and sync notes across multiple machines
  • Dropbox — easy to share and sync files across mulitple machines
  • 1Password — easy to create secure passwords and sync them across multiple machines
  • Google Calendar — easy to share and use multiple calendars across multiple machines
  • Pocket – keeps my reading organized and available
  • ifttt – I mostly use this to send myself reminders by text
  • Alfred — easier navigation of the OSX GUI
  • Skitch - easy images annotation

Handy Online Utilities